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Utility Matrix: Utilization for Manufacturing Processes

by Timothy A. Warren, PE, LEED AP During the planning stages of a new process line installation, upgrade, or modification project there are myriad items that need to be considered. Utilities are essential to bring the manufacturing process to life, and should be included early in the thought process. Utilities such as power, compressed air, […]

Safety & Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  by Thomas E. Leary, Jr. Safety is a major concern for food and beverage processing companies – not just the safety of the food, but also the personnel within a production facility as well as visitors. Safety committees, employee manuals, safety training, first aid kits, warning and danger signs, and more: all indicators of […]

Modeling Pneumatic Conveying Systems for Accuracy

By Thomas E. Leary, Jr. If you have a need to move product from one location to another, a pneumatic conveying system may be a great solution. However, front-end planning is critical to success, and creation of a comprehensive, three-dimensional model can become quite beneficial to the engineers, construction crew, and plant operations staff. This […]

JDB Engineering Announces Specialty Services

At JDB Engineering, innovation is at the core of who we are and what we do. We’ve continued to innovate our business model, and are pleased to share with you four specialty service lines. The first two are not new – we’ve been providing these services for many years. However, to better meet client demand, […]

Explosion Detection for Dust Collectors

By Brice E. Ohl, EIT Dust collectors are common pieces of equipment in any industrial and process building setting; however, there is no such thing as a “typical” dust collector design. Dust collectors vary in size, construction material, filter media, and more, all depending upon the application. In very simple terms, dust collectors are used […]