by Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM

Adapted from a presentation at the Central Penn Business Journal’s Real Estate & Development Symposium.

“Call Me, Maybe” may have been omnipresent during the summer of 2012, but the title of this movement of our Energy Symphony is “Call Mac, Maybe.”  Why? Because maybe you should change your buying habits when it comes to computers for your office.

Did you know that laptop computers use 70% less energy than personal computers?  One PC may not be a big deal.  But if you have twenty, fifty, or one hundred PCs, the energy savings can really add up!  Don’t run out and buy everyone a new laptop right now, but when it comes time to replace older computers, determine if a PC is really needed.  Sometimes you need the power of a PC, but in many cases a laptop computer will not only suffice, it may be preferred by the user.

If you are using a PC, just remember to turn the power off when you are not using it.  And unplug it!  Also, use LED monitors, which are more energy efficient.

A recent study found that more than 30% of office workers leave their computers on at night – even though they have no real reason to do so (e.g., for remote access).

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