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We aspire to meet all your project objectives while mitigating the financial and operational risk over the lifetime of your facility.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering design services are necessary for a building to function. Building design projects capture emotional and functional goals to create meaningful environments. As engineers, we respect the investment and embrace requirements the design effort must deliver to satisfy the demands of your facility.

Our objective, in practice, is to design building systems to optimize your facility’s functional performance. We believe every project is uniquely special and requires a highly capable engineering partner. A partner who understands the financial and operational risk MEP systems pose over the life of your facility and incorporate these considerations into the design of your project.

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Who We are

Four decades of experience, thousands of happy clients.

For decades, JDB Engineering has amassed experience heavily rooted in manufacturing, healthcare, higher education, and commercial facilities. In a profession that recognizes the singularity of each project, our design philosophy embraces effective process over pre-conceived solutions.

Every project experience is a learning one, systematically augmenting our engineering process to enable creativity and to deliver positive, repeatable results, regardless of project type. The breadth of our work across a variety of industries has required us to develop strong project communication skills with a responsive and creative approach to evolving requirements.

Strong leadership and seamless project collaboration are instrumental to deliver meaningful and successful outcomes for all projects.

We gratefully welcome the opportunity to assist you in elevating the quality and performance of your facility.

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