Relationships are the foundation of our business. While serving the building design and construction industry over four decades, we have developed client relationships built on trust…a result of our expertise and approach, including our ability to understand, anticipate, and deliver on industry-specific demands. We continue to focus on market sectors that best align with our skill set and approach, enabling project success and mutually beneficial relationships.

Engineering For Manufacturing & Food Processing

We specialize in integrated MEP engineering dedicated to time-critical delivery as well as safe, controlled, and productive environments for Fortune 500 corporations and private companies in the manufacturing, distribution, and food and beverage industries. We have designed thousands of projects in more than 25 states and four countries and have built a brand of providing our client partners with successful design solutions for their unique needs while meeting critical schedule milestones to assist them in getting their products to market.

Our experience includes energy conservation and management, industrial ventilation, temperature and humidity-controlled environments, utility and process piping systems, major infrastructure and process equipment systems, material handling systems, normal and emergency power, renovations, additions, and new construction for various types of manufacturing and food processing facilities.

JDB Engineering design services for food processing and manufacturing

Engineering For Health Care

We specialize in MEP engineering dedicated to safe environments, infection control, integrated technologies, and the continuity of operation and maintenance for the Healthcare Industry.

Our experience includes renovations, additions, and new construction for Acute Care, Specialty Care, Ambulatory Care, Long-term Care, Surgical, Outpatient, and Medical Office facilities, as well as MEP infrastructure projects such as central chilled water systems, domestic water heating systems, central boiler systems, and emergency power systems.

JDB Engineering design services for healthcare

Engineering For Higher Education

We specialize in MEP engineering dedicated to safe, healthy, controlled, and productive learning and living environments for the Educational System.

Our experience includes renovations, additions, and new construction for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, as well as technology/security systems, major infrastructure systems, utility systems, and equipment upgrades. Project experience includes classrooms, dormitories, laboratory and research spaces, athletic facilities, and administration facilities.

JDB Engineering design services for higher education

Engineering For Corporate/Commercial/Mixed Use

We specialize in integrated MEP engineering dedicated to comfortable and productive environments for various building types and user requirements within the corporate and commercial markets.

Our experience includes administration buildings, speculative real estate, hotels, banks, restaurants/cafeterias, green building, corporate headquarters, retail, tour centers, and high-rise/mixed-use facilities.

Engineering For Other Markets

Throughout our 40-year history we have completed many projects in other markets such as Local and Federal Government and Research and Life Science.  We have provided specific expertise in these markets to provide safe and controlled environments and improved infrastructure systems that underpin our society.

Our experience includes clean rooms, Biosafety Level (BSL) laboratories, government and private research facilities, pharmaceutical plants, courthouses, hospitals, clinics, command and control centers, and administration buildings.

JDB Engineering design services for government