Led by one of the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry’s top personal branding experts, Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, this program combines lecture and workshop to help your professionals elevate their personal brands to both enhance their careers and create new opportunities for your firm.

The A/E/C Personal Branding Training Program is a half-day, interactive program that includes:

  • Why Build Your Personal Brand?
  • Elements of a Personal Brand
  • Reputation: Foundation
  • Reputation: Thought Leadership
  • Reputation: Network
  • Reputation: What Others Say
  • Reputation: Soft Skills
  • Conducting a Gap Analysis & Creating a Personal Marketing Blueprint
  • Building Business Through Personal Brands


A/E/C Personal Branding Training


Interested in setting up a program at your firm? Contact Scott at 717-434-1543 or [email protected].

Here’s what A/E/C industry leaders have said about Scott’s book, Reputation Design+Build:

“With a good reputation, you can recover from nearly anything.  You could lose your big client, have a key employee turn into a fierce competitor, or suffer any number of financial setbacks – but you’ll always come back.  Where does that reputation come from and how can you build it?  Scott Butcher is a really smart guy with many years working as a marketer and manager in the A/E industry.  In his book, Reputation Design+Build, he lays out the path anyone can follow . . . . Good reading – I highly recommend it!”

— Mark C. Zweig, Founder & CEO, Zweig Group, Author, Management from A to Zweig

“Scott Butcher has always been a visionary and sooth-seer to the masses within the design and construction industry. Those who have been wise enough to listen to his message and follow the future he lays out ahead of them will win. We live in truly exciting and dynamic times with changes occurring daily. We have to all be nimble, innovative, and willing to try new processes outside of our comfort zone. Scott has provided in the book an excellent road map for you to follow. He has provided a clear strategy for building your reputation and ensuring a profitable and rewarding future for yourself and ultimately your company.  Take the time to study this book. Make sure your fellow leadership read it also, as it can make you all successful and wealthy in the years ahead.”

— Ronald D. Worth, CAE, FSMPS, CPSM CEO, International Association of Assessing Officers, Former CEO, Society for Marketing Professional Services Co-Author, Design-Build Services, A Marketing and Business Development Handbook and AEC Marketing Fundamentals

“Scott’s book is an excellent resource for any A&E professional that wants to up their game and take their career and platform to the next level. Every firm and individual should be looking for ways to differentiate these days, and Scott lays out clear cut strategies, tools and case studies proving how it should be done . . . . I highly endorse this important resource and urge everyone who wants to be hired for his/her talent and reputation to read this book and implement Scott’s recommendations.”

— June R. Jewell, CPA, President, AEC Business Solutions, Author, Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Firms

“Where Scott’s book really shines is in helping you find and develop authentic alignment between your identity and image: the key to creating and sustaining personal brand value . . . . Follow his simple and straightforward steps – learn from the many anecdotal profiles of those who themselves have developed strong brands – deliver on your personal brand promise and your reputation, as well as that of the organizations you serve, will benefit. An excellent read for those seeking to understand and leverage the often under-appreciated concept of brand in professional services.”

— Craig Park, FSMPS, Assoc. AIA, Author of The Architecture of Image: Branding Your Professional Practice Past National President, Society for Marketing Professional Services

“Reputation Design+Build not only sounds a warning bell for A/E/C firms that desire to remain relevant, it also provides a highly detailed, step-by-step guide to creating that relevancy. In today’s economic climate, particularly in the A/E/C market space, you simply cannot afford to be common or unremarkable . . . . The solution, as Scott effectively demonstrates, is to intentionally develop your own personal brand. Reputation Design+Build is easy-to-read and jam-packed with real-world case studies and concrete examples. If your intent is to become an industry leader with a powerful personal brand, this book is your ticket. Highly recommended!”

— Kelly S. Riggs, President, Business Locker Room, Author, Quit Whining and Start Selling! – A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales and 1-on-1 Management: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t

“This book shows Scott’s depth of experience in marketing and business development in the A/E/C industry. It is an interesting and very personal look into what it takes to establish your brand, filled with analogies, anecdotes and personal reflections. To illustrate his points he has used no less than 16 in-depth case studies with A/E/C industry fellow professionals.”

— Ernest Burden, AEC Advisors, Author, Client’ End Game: Innovative Strategies and Processes for Building a Client-Centric A/E/C Firm and Successful Project Management: For A/E/P and Environmental Consulting Firms

“In the book, Reputation Design+Build, author Scott Butcher combines his first-hand knowledge of best branding practices with real life applications by other industry leaders.  The result is a powerful step-by-step plan of action that if followed, will position any firm to win more business.”

— Dana Birkes, APR, CPSM, FSMPS, FPRSA, Chief Marketing Officer, Clifford Power Past National President, Society for Marketing Professional Services Past President, SMPS Foundation

“Add this book to your A/E/C Must Have list. Scott Butcher takes personal brand building for professional services to a whole new level. The tools are applicable, relevant and detailed. Beyond the tools are amazing references and case studies that truly exemplify the right way to make us all better, more successful professionals.”

— Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM, Founder/Co-Owner, Go! Strategies, LLC Past National President, Society for Marketing Professional Services

“Scott nails it with this book!  It should be given to every employee at your firm to educate them on the state of our industry and help them develop their personal brand.  Follow his recommendations, and you’re set up for a successful career.”

— Julie Luers, FSMPS, Vice President, Director of Marketing (Retired), HGA Architects and Engineers Past National President, Society for Marketing Professional Services

“This book is the A/E/C industry’s most comprehensive plan about building your professional brand. Whether a practitioner, marketer, or business developer, Scott’s explanations, case studies, tools, and resources explain in depth what you need to know to position yourself for success. The Gap Analysis & Personal Marketing Plan will undoubtedly help the reader create a truly differentiated, personalized, and credible roadmap for professional excellence.”

— Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM Firm-wide Marketing Communications Manager, Wilson & Company 2014-2015 National President, Society for Marketing Professional Services

“Scott Butcher is dead-on. Your personal reputation is just as critical to successful marketing and business development as that of your firm. Like it or not, we trade on our personal brands every day. I’ve seen it – both the good and the bad! – in my roles as project engineer, then principal, then CMO of my company. Scott hits on every point you need to consider when thinking about your career and, really, your life. Don’t just read this book. Absorb it. And then act on it.”

— Brad Thurman, PE, FSMPS, CPSM, Principal & CMO, Wallace Engineering Past National President, Society for Marketing Professional Services

“This book is a practical guide to personal branding. Although the entire book is helpful, Butcher avoids the usual clichés with self-improvement books, and offers insightful case studies throughout. He hits upon the key to success early on with his discussion on attitude. Without the right attitude, the personal journey of reputation building is pointless. That advice early in the book caused me to pause and reflect upon my own attitude. This book will be a key component for me as I work to build my personal brand.”

— Donna Jakubowicz, FSMPS, CPSM, Midwest Marketing Lead, AECOM Past President, SMPS Foundation

“Scott Butcher’s book, Reputation Design+Build, identifies what a personal, professional brand is and what it is not. He provides insight through individual case studies that underscore positive outcomes when you proactively manage your professional brand. This book is a must read for anyone in the A/E/C industry!”

— Carolyn Ferguson, FSMPS, CPSM, Owner, WinMore Marketing Advisors Editorial Advisor, Building Design + Construction Magazine Past National President, Society for Marketing Professional Services

“When I was younger, my parents always said that a good reputation is one of the most valuable things that you possess. There was no resource for reputation-building at that time, but we now have a guide on how to nurture and enhance our reputations. Scott’s insights on building a reputation are important for people in all phases of their personal and professional lives. My sons are both headed to college in the next year, and I plan to share a copy of Reputation Design+Build with each of them as they enter the professional world.”

— Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM, Principal, Champlin Architecture

“Having professionally practiced in the design and build business for 30 plus years, I am well aware of the impact my brand has had on my career. Scott has captured, in his book Reputation Design+Build, how your Brand gets developed, how critical it is, and how to perpetuate it. He supports his views by providing clear behavioral examples through Case Studies that will undoubtedly help evaluate and grow your personal Brand.”

— Tom Townes, AIA, FSMPS, CPSM, Director of Business Development, Van Note-Harvey Associates, PC Former President, Focus Architecture

“Scott Butcher combines ideas, examples, practical advice and tools in this must-read resource for A/E/C professionals. With the building design and construction industry becoming increasingly competitive, it’s not enough to have great credentials. You’ve got to package your experience, expertise and knowledge. Butcher – who’s done this for himself – walks you through how to build your own personal brand to enhance your reputation and stand out from competitors.”

— Jean Leathers, CPSM, President, Practice Clarity

“Scott Butcher not only gets ‘it,’ he does personal branding himself, mentors others on it, and shares his wealth of knowledge selflessly. This book is the perfect balance of tried and true, personal experience and tireless research. If you’re in the A/E/C industry, you should read this book. If you’re struggling to understand why others that are less technically proficient than you are rising to your company’s upper ranks, you NEED to read this book now. Scott hands you the big picture, explains the tools necessary, and backs it all with case studies. If you don’t do something soon, your competition for that next promotion, job, or project will.”

— Perryn Olsen, CPSM, CCMP, Author, Construction Executives Guide to Brand Marketing

Ready to move forward? Contact Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM at 717-434-1543 or [email protected].

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