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Understanding Lighting Controls

By Craig G. Malesic, PE, LC, PMP In our recent blog post about Lighting Trends, Thomas Schubert and I shared that lighting control systems are becoming very complex, the “why” is too often being ignored, end-users don’t understand the controls, and the lighting is often not properly commissioned. However, since ever-changing building and energy codes are […]

Pedestrian Lighting: Turning Requirements into a Plan

by Craig G. Malesic, LC, PMP, EIT In the first two installments of this three-part series, we reviewed why the project was initiated and how we established the required lighting levels. In this final installment, we will look at “How to Bake the Cake” now that we have all of the “Ingredients.” The next step […]

Lighting Trends: Everything is Changing, But Not Everyone is Keeping Up

By Craig G. Malesic, LC, PMP, EIT and Thomas G. Schubert, PE It’s an exciting time to be a lighting design professional. Innovation is rampant, building codes increasingly recognize the importance of lighting, and the sophistication of lighting and controls systems is at an all-time high. But this innovation is also creating several challenges. Here […]

Pedestrian Lighting: Establishing Lighting Levels for Safety & Security

  By Craig G. Malesic, LC, PMP, EIT In my last post, Pedestrian Lighting: A Case Study, I outlined a recent JDB Illumination  commission to provide pedestrian lighting for a neighborhood adjacent to a college campus. Exterior lighting is critical to create a safe environment whether for a college campus, business park, urban environment, parking lot, […]

Pedestrian Lighting: A Case Study

  by Craig G. Malesic, LC, PMP, EIT A longtime collegiate client reached out to JDB to discuss an off-campus project they hoped to spearhead: installing pedestrian lighting in a residential area adjacent to campus. As Simon Sinek likes to say, “Start with why,” so our first question was, “Why do you want to do […]

Understanding Selectable Color Temperature

  by Thomas G. Schubert, PE The lighting industry today is becoming saturated with talk of numerous new technologies, how they will enhance our lives in passive ways, and why we should buy into the hype. One such technology being pushed is selectable color temperature – the ability to program interior lighting fixtures to mimic […]

Illuminance and Perceived Brightness

By Craig G. Malesic, LC, EIT, PMP Have you ever walked into a room and thought “Man, it’s dark in here!” As a lighting designer, when this happens I typically ask, “Is it really dark in the room, or does it just seem dark? And, if it just seems dark, why?” To understand this, we […]

What is the Ideal Color Temperature for Your Lighting?

By Craig Malesic, LC, PMP, EIT In a prior post, Understanding Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), I shared insight about the quality of light color, from yellow to blue to “white hot.” In this post, we’ll continue exploring color temperature for lighting, and how lighting design professionals determine what makes the most sense for a given […]

Holiday Lighting: How to be Safe & Creative this Season

By Craig G. Malesic, LC, PMP, EIT Christmas is my favorite time of year. And it’s not just for the obvious reasons of religion, family, presents, and the occasional hot toddy, either. When I gaze upon the holiday spirit with my lighting-designer hat firmly affixed upon my head, the only emotion that can describe my […]

Understanding Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

by Craig G. Malesic, PMP, LC, EIT Color temperature, which is also referred to as CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), is the chromaticity observed when a black body radiator is heated to a pre-determined temperature. The units are stated in degrees Kelvin, which indicates the temperature of the black body radiator. Well, as much as that […]