The Seller-Doer model of business development is as old as the architecture, engineering, and construction professions. “Catching what you eat” (or “killing what you eat”) is a phrase often used to describe the model. According to the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), “Seller-doers are technical staff who are also responsible for billable hours and, to some degree, for securing contracts or projects for their respective firms.” They are sometimes referred to as doer-sellers or closer-doers.

Project executives, project managers, lead architects and engineers, estimators, principals, vice presidents, market champions, partners, branch managers, and more – all professionals often tasked with both bringing in work as well as doing (or leading) the work.

In some firms, seller-doers are the only business developers. In other firms, dedicated business developers are employed. And in still other firms, a combination of both models is utilized.

Although it seems silly to hire a person who has no training in sales to go do business development, that’s often what happens in the A/E/C industry. As technical professionals are hired or promoted into certain positions, they are told to “go get work.” Yet they are given no training or resources to succeed. Sound familiar? According to SMPS research, almost two-thirds of firms in the industry don’t provide training to seller-doers!

Sounds like a recipe for failure!

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