jdbIQity helps your business plan for tomorrow by providing meaningful intelligence, marketing strategy, business development prowess, training, and facilitation. Whether acting as your Outsourced CMO or helping to cultivate your staff’s skills, our team is focused on helping you elevate your Business IQ through our three pillars of Imagine, Innovate, Impact. Our team members are current practitioners, living “in the trenches” daily and bringing unique, current insight to our clients. Interested to learn more about how jdbIQity can help position your practice to meet the challenges ahead? We’d love to chat! Email Scott Butcher at [email protected].


  • Strategic Planning
  • Sales Planning
  • Specific Project Pursuit
  • SWOT Analysis

Training & Coaching


  • Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • Writing / Ghostwriting
  • Collateral Material Ideation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Proposal Development
  • Staffing Audit
  • Collateral Audit
  • Brand Development & Strategy
  • Value Message Development
  • Communications Strategy

Business Development

  • Sales Planning & Strategy
  • Pursuit Strategy
  • Presentation Development & Support
  • Capture Plans
  • Staffing Audit
  • Client Satisfaction & Perception Surveys / Interviews


  • Target Clients
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • New Market Analysis

Thought Leadership

  • Blogging
  • Books / E-books
  • Presentations


  • Sales/Marketing Organization & Structure
  • Metrics / KPIs



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Also be sure to check out the Marketropolis blog on ENR.com. Written by our own Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM, the blog covers a wide gamut of topics related to A/E/C business include marketing, business development, management, business intelligence, and human resources.


Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM

[email protected]