by Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM

Adapted from a presentation at the Central Penn Business Journal’s Real Estate & Development Symposium.

Here’s a great idea for improving your building’s energy efficiency, particularly if your building is of some size: hire an experienced professional to conduct an energy audit.Slide15

They will:

  • Analyze utility data & costs
  • Analyze equipment use, condition, & remaining life
  • Survey building conditions
  • Determine occupant behaviors
  • Recommend energy conservation measures
  • Determine potential energy savings

Ultimately you will learn how your energy money is being spent, and get a menu of ideas for conserving energy that will range from low-hanging fruit to wholesale replacement of engineered systems, along with estimated payback for each option.

This ends our Energy Symphony as it pertains to existing buildings, but we’re not finished yet.  Our encore includes a few additional tips.

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•    The Energy Symphony

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