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The Case for Commissioning

By Timothy A. Warren, PE, LEED AP BD+C When Owners look at project design fees, they often compare the design fee to the overall cost of construction.  While this comparison may be useful for some general benchmarking, the reality is that the overall operations and maintenance cost for a building dwarfs both the cost to […]

Commissioning Clarification

By Timothy A. Warren, PE, LEED AP, Vice President Over the past several years many people have misused the term “commissioning” when referring to design and construction projects.  More often than not, they use the term in reference to a green building project, frequently viewing commissioning only as a step within the LEED Certification process.  […]

Commissioning: An Overview

Whether or not owners should invest in Building Commissioning has become a rather important and complex decision over the years. First, owners need to resolve their commissioning needs, comparing the costs and benefits to their budget. Since buildings can be commissioned several different ways, they must then choose the extent of commissioning that is most […]