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Centralizing Construction Project Information

by Tom Traina, MBA, CSM There is much discussion regarding waste and inefficiency in the construction of a building, yet most A/E/C firms struggle to find the same level of efficiency improvements realized in the manufacturing sector over the past two decades. I believe a major challenge holding the industry back is the ever-changing roster […]

A/E/C Technology Disruption? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

by Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM I recently co-presented about industry megatrends to an audience of architects. We talked about the utter lack of productivity increases in the construction industry over the past several decades. We looked at a chart that demonstrated how, in the 1960s, manufacturing and construction productivity were at similar levels. However, […]

Walk Before You Run: Defining Project Scope

by Tom Traina, MBA, CSM Whether designing a building or developing an IT infrastructure, a tempered approach to defining the project goals allows for a consistent vision to be realized by all parties involved in the execution. Getting a project completed for the sake of crossing it off a “to-do” list is not nearly as […]