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The State of the A/E/C Industry

By Scott D. Butcher, FSMPS, CPSM What are the current economic conditions within the architecture, engineering, and construction industry? How are the market sectors and geographic regions performing? There are quite a few indicators that track the health of the industry, and we’ve gathered many of the major metrics in one place to make your […]

Perspectives from a Recent College Grad

by Bradlee Maramba On December 8, 2017, as a recent college graduate, I walked into the offices of JDB Engineering proactively looking for a job. To my surprise, I was actually able to speak with a couple of JDBE executives. After the conversation, I was offered the opportunity to come in for an interview, which […]

What is a Trap Primer – and Why is it Required?

by Steven R. List, PE, ICC Were you ever in a building that had a putrid odor? More than likely it was sewer gas emitting from a floor drain. All plumbing fixtures, including floor drains, are required to have traps. A trap looks like a “U” shape pipe. If you look below your kitchen or […]

JDB Engineering Announces Specialty Services

At JDB Engineering, innovation is at the core of who we are and what we do. We’ve continued to innovate our business model, and are pleased to share with you four specialty service lines. The first two are not new – we’ve been providing these services for many years. However, to better meet client demand, […]